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"the Story Of Tom Cruise, Scientologist"

It was quickly pulled from Youtube, but Defamer has now performed the invaluable service of re-posting Tom Cruise's terrifying 2005 paean to his adopted faith.

I don't think it's an exageration to say that this is by far the most engrossing performance Cruise has given in years, perhaps ever. He has it all: The creepy intensity, the deranged grandiosity (""We are the authorities on the mind"; "I won't hesitate to put ethics in on someone else"; "We can bring peace and unite cultures"; "They won't do that to my face or anywhere in my vicinity"), the diabolical laugh (once with about 5 mins remaining, and again with 50 secs left). 

If you could somehow splice this footage into Daniel Craig's next 007 outing, you'd almost certainly have the Best Bond Villain Ever. Look quick, lest the Scientology lawyers get it taken down from there, too.

Update: Watching this, it occurred to me that Paul Thomas Anderson was really onto something: Add a little misanthopic sex talk, and Cruise is Frank T.J. Mackey.

--Christopher Orr