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Proving The Impossible: Making The Plo Look Good

Efraim Karsh, a Middle Eastern scholar at Kings College London who often appears in TNR’s pages and website, has produced a learned analysis of the post-Annapolis situation, published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. The “post” Annapolis situation does not seem to differ, at all really, from the “pre” Annapolis situation, as the PLO remains “
a group formally committed to Israel's destruction by virtue of its covenant.” One of the unfortunate outcomes of the rise of Hamas is that it has made the PLO look good – a nigh impossible task -- and thus lulled many into thinking that the so-called "moderate" Palestinian leadership is composed of democrats and not thugs and murderers. That misconception is what has led to the unending series of failed peace conferences. Karsh explains:

In reality, of course, there is no fundamental difference between the ultimate goals of Hamas and the PLO vis-