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Will The Democrats Listen?

The Democrats do not grasp that they are in intellectual and moral
trouble.  They can no longer say that more troops in Iraq will not
help.  They did.  As Clive Crook wrote in this morning's FT (an anti-war
columnist in an anti-war paper), "Up to now, Democrats have been
stinting in their recognition that the situation in Iraq has
improved...That is the wrong posture They need to celebrate the success, as
long as it lasts, as enthusiastically as the Republicans.  They also need
to stop harrying the administration with symbolic war-funding measures
demanding a timetable for rapid withdrawal, as though nothing has changed."

The last line in his column is devastating: "And suspicion that they are
rooting for defeat in Iraq could sink them."

This article echoes my Spine from early this morning, "The Democrats,
Hoping for Defeat."