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The Company He Keeps

Andrew Sullivan has predictably responded to my post noting Ron Paul's accepting money from a prominent neo-Nazi by labeling it a "smear." He offers no rebuttal or rejoinder to this news (nor does he even bother to link to the original story), and it does not seem to faze him that a man claiming to believe in liberty would accept money and support from out-and-out fascists. To Andrew, any and all criticism of Ron Paul is automatically attributed to the hysterical fear-mongering of the Christianist War Party against The Truth-Telling, All-American, Constitutionalist Hero. 

Today I learned from Dave Weigel that the Paul campaign has no intention of returning the money it has received (and will probably continue to receive) from white supremacists. You may recall that in 1996, Bob Dole returned a $1,000 contribution from the Log Cabin Republicans. I imagine that episode made Andrew angry, as it ought have. But Ron Paul taking money from a prominent neo-Nazi merits no response from Andrew, just attacks on those who merely point it out. 

Andrew has been Ron Paul's biggest booster on the blogosphere. He should explain why Ron Paul's unapologetic acceptance of money and support from neo-Nazis does not disturb him. And the next time he's tempted to label Rudy Giuliani a "fascist," perhaps he should pause and consider whom actual, self-described fascists are supporting for president. 

--James Kirchick