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Vote Tampering?

Rebecca Traister argued in Salon on Monday that Democrats should all just shut up about electability and admit that they're closet Kucinich-lovers. Feeling a bit affectionate about Dennis myself (UFOs and tongue rings and impeachment, oh my!), I accepted her argument at face value and was even more convinced when I took one of the ideological tests she links to, an ABC News quiz that purports to reveal who your true love--uh, I mean favored presidential candidate--really is, and got Kucinich, Gravel, and Dodd in that order. So far so good--until I sent the test to a friend who works on one of the major presidential campaigns, who filled out the test based exactly on his candidate's positions and also got Kucinich, Gravel, and Dodd. So, unless Traister is more right than she thinks and the entire party, including the more mainstream candidates, are actually secret Kucinich partisans, I think we have an obvious case of online election fraud on our hands.

--Britt Peterson 

Photo: Getty Images