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A Friend Writes In Response To My Last Post

by Richard Stern
Who says Bush et al want to 'win their War on TERRORRRRR' or their war against Iraq? I think that they would prefer the latter to be at a lower level, just to justify the permanent US bases astride the oil supplies but not so intense as to give traction to the bleeding-heart liberals and the traitorous wing of the Protestant clergy. These wars or, in their Goebbels-speak, THE WAR, will keep them in power long enough to fill the Supreme Court with Thomases and Scalitos and to eliminate all legal restraint on their power to do whatever they want to whomever they want, whenever they want, and if you cry you will get worse! Things are getting worse daily. Who would think that we are all wondering whether or not the Supreme Court will allow stand the latest corrosive bill on detainees, the power of the President, and of anyone he delegates, to designate anyone (citizen or otherwise) an Enemy Combatant, and the gutting of habeas corpus. It is past time to offer calm analysis of the misconceptions of this gang. I think it is we who are subject to the misconception that they are just misguided.