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With Friends Like These

beaten up by fellow inmatesAmanda Marcotte
REP. TOM TANCREDO: The president of the United States talks a lot about Christian beliefs ... he now is showing a mean-spirited side of himself.

REP. WALTER JONES (angrily, hopping around): The indifference by this White House is unacceptable. If the president is concerned about dropping off the poll charts, 30, 29, whatever (giggles among the press crowd), he'll do what's right by these people. ... The President has lost my respect.

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER (after presidential hopeful Duncan Hunter says he still likes the president): My good friend Duncan Hunter has a wonderful heart; he thinks others around here have wonderful hearts. ... But I question this president's obstinence. This president still remains intransigent. Talk about hard-hearted! I'm sorry, Duncan ... I tell you, Mr. President, if [the border agents] are murdered in prison, there's gonna be some impeachment talk on Capitol Hill!
Eve Fairbanks