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Vanity Fair Comes Through Again

a great new pieceVanity Fair
'I kind of feel like I have been hung out to dry," says John Yoo. "People say that I am responsible for everything, as if I had the full point plan for what we are going to do. In fact, I was fairly low down on the organizational chart. [Those above me] have basically decided they are not going to talk about this anymore. It is as if, if all the flak falls on this guy, well, fine. I don't like it, but unlike them I think it is my responsibility to explain what we did and why."


"Why have there been no trials in five years?," I asked. He startled me by laughing and saying, "Yes, that is something, isn't it? It is the lawyers fighting for the defendants. They stopped the process."

"Are you blaming the lawyers for the fact that their defendants have remained uncharged in Guantanamo?," I asked. Yoo did not answer.
Isaac Chotiner