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The Brits And Gitmo

National Reviewblog post
In yet another augur of trouble ahead for the world's most important alliance with Tony Blair out and Gordon Brown in, the British government is demanding the extradition of five jihadists being held at Guantanamo Bay.

We are holding these people because they are a threat to the United States. They are not Britons. The Brits are an important ally, so we should hear them out before politely declining. While they are in Gitmo, these men will remain detained and will not kill more Americans.

And what is Gordon "Don't say 'Muslim'" Brown thinking? He is willing to endanger his own population by importing the jihadists of other nations--a move guaranteed to encourage a new influx of jihadis--just so he can make political points with the hard Left in his country that abhors Guantanamo Bay?

He should talk to Howard Dean ... he sounds like a natural to keynote the Dems' '08 convention!
Isaac Chotiner