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Arianna As Robber Baron

After HuffPo CEO Betsy Morgan was hired away from CBS -- or is she volunteering her time to raise her profile -- co-founder Ken Lerer boldly asserted, "That's not our financial model. We offer them visibility, promotion and distribution with a great company." If Lerer were alive 200 years ago, he might have comforted African immigrants by arguing, "Hey, how many Europeans can say they got a free trip to America? None. And, you can't complain about the weather. There are thousands of poor crackers who would kill to have a job." This isn't to say that pundits and bloggers who agree to write for the site gratis are slaves ... just that they are paid slave wages ... minus the free gruel. Meanwhile, Arianna gets to hang out and be photographed with her celebrity friends at swell parties and mansions. (She should share the goodie bags and table scraps with her unpaid writers.)
Jason Zengerle