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Owned Goals: Euro 2024 Preview

Introducing a new limited-series podcast about politics and power at the Euros and Copa América.

French striker Kylian Mbappe holds his arms aloft after scoring a goal as his teammates walk back to their half.
Buda Mendes/Getty Images
Kylian Mbappé celebrates a goal at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Euro 2024, Europe’s quadrennial soccer tournament, begins on Friday in Germany in a climate of profound political uncertainty. The far right made massive gains in the European Parliament elections on June 9. In the coming weeks, France and England will both hold elections that could dramatically change each nation’s respective future. On the first episode of Owned Goals, a limited series exploring politics, economics, and soccer in this summer’s two biggest tournaments—the Euros and their American equivalent, Copa América—hosts Alex Shephard, Miguel Salazar, and Ben Makuch preview Euro 2024 and discuss the turbulent political situation surrounding it.