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Why MAGA’s Eruption of Rage at Bannon’s Jail Sentence Is So Alarming

As a judge orders Steve Bannon to surrender to prison, a lawyer for the January 6 committee explains why the furious MAGA reaction sends ominous signals about the dangers of a second Trump term.

Steve Bannon points while holding up a microphone
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
Steve Bannon speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland on February 24.

A judge just ordered longtime Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon to surrender to prison on July 1 after his conviction for defying the January 6 committee’s subpoena. Not surprisingly, Trump and MAGA have already exploded in rage. Making this worse, Bannon is one of the leading pro-Trump figures calling on Trump to jail Democrats without cause if he wins the White Houseand Bannon’s jail time will only fuel that mania. We talked to Eric Columbus, a lawyer who represented the January 6 committee, about the alarming signals this sends about the perils of a second Trump presidency. Listen to this episode here.