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Yikes: RFK Jr.’s Rich Running Mate Just Added $8 Million to His Effort

A veteran Democratic strategist explains how Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could very well help Donald Trump win—in large part due to Nicole Shanahan’s very deep pockets.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Nicole Shanahan, running mate to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in California on March 26

This week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan, dropped a bomb: She announced a donation of another $8 million to his campaign. That’s substantially more than her initial $2 million and suggests much more is coming. Which is a reminder: It’s still very plausible that RFK Jr. will get on the ballot in many of the swing states that will decide the election. We talked to veteran Democratic strategist Stephanie Schriock, who explains why Shanahan’s wealth suggests it’s time to take the RFK Jr. spoiler threat very, very seriously. Listen to this episode here.