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Surprise Anti-Trump Vote in Indiana Primary Is Big “Warning” for Him

Why Donald Trump’s unexpected loss of 22 percent of Indiana GOP primary voters to Nikki Haley—two months after she ended her campaign—could spell trouble for him in November.

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump in New York City on May 7

In the Indiana GOP primary on Tuesday night, Donald Trump lost 22 percent of GOP primary voters to Nikki Haley. That’s surprising, since Haley ended her campaign two months ago. So it’s clearly a trend: A sizable bloc of Republican voters in GOP primaries has resisted Trump again and again. We chatted with David Drucker, a senior writer at The Dispatch and author of a new piece about the Indiana outcome, about whether President Biden can poach these voters away from Trump and why it’s a warning sign for MAGA in November.