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Trump’s Polling Lead Just Got Scarier. This Dem Has a Plan to Stop Him

If Donald Trump loses Wisconsin, he almost certainly won’t win the White House. The state’s Democratic Party chair explains how years of hard work are laying the groundwork to stop him there.

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on May 1.

A new consensus has settled in among political analysts: Donald Trump’s latest polling looks unexpectedly formidable in states like Arizona and Georgia, which means President Biden’s most likely path to victory requires winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. And yet Trump will almost certainly lose if he can’t win one of those three. That’s why Democrats can stop Trump if they beat him in Wisconsin. But Trump leads there too. So we talked to Ben Wikler, the chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, who explains how years of painstaking organizing is laying the groundwork to defeat Trump by stopping him right in the Badger State.