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Trump Reveals the Truth About His “Leave Abortion to the States” Scam

In an interview, Trump makes it plain: He’s just fine with anti-choice extremism in red states running wild. That could give Democrats a big boost in state legislative races.

Victor J. Blue/Pool/Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump in New York City, on April 30

In a new interview, Donald Trump gave away the game: If he wins the White House, he’d be fine with anti-choice crackdowns in red states going to horrific extremes. Trump vowed (unconvincingly) to leave abortion to the states, but when pressed, he suggested he’d be OK with prosecutions of women who get abortions and even with states monitoring their pregnancies. In addition to revealing what Roe v. Wade’s demise has wrought, that could give Democrats a boost in this fall’s state-level elections. We talked to Arizona state Senator Eva Burch about how the future of reproductive rights will raise the stakes in these contestsand about her own personal and emotional experiences with the issue.