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How Trump’s Insane Rant About “Gutless” Bill Barr Unmasks GOP and MAGA

Trump belittles his former attorney general, who promptly goes on CNN and downplays the threat Trump poses, perfectly capturing how the MAGA-GOP cycle of humiliation works.

Mark Peterson/Pool/Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump on April 26 in New York City.

Over the weekend, a CNN interview with former Attorney General Bill Barr went viral after Barr performed a spectacular on-air capitulation to Donald Trump. The former president had posted an unhinged rant that mercilessly belittled Barr, yet Barr affirmed his endorsement of Trump and downplayed the threat he poses, including a bizarre aside about Trump talking about “executing” rivals. We chatted with Amanda Carpenter, a prominent Never Trumper and an editor at Protect Democracy, about what this whole saga says about today’s GOP and its broader capitulation to MAGA.