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Why Team Biden Is So Angry at The New York Times’ Coverage of Trump

A startling new report on the White House’s anger over the paper of record’s treatment of Trump and President Biden should prompt a broader media reckoning.

Shelby Knowles/Bloomberg/Getty Images
The New York Times’ headquarters

An excellent new Politico report by Eli Stokols has exposed deep tensions between The New York Times and the White House. President Biden’s team believes the Times isn’t adequately capturing the threat Donald Trump poses to democracy, while the Times responds that Team Biden is out to micromanage the paper of record’s coverage. We think this debate is badly muddled and in need of some major clarifications. So we chatted with Substacker Brian Beutler, an incisive media critic, about today’s flawed conventions of political reporting, why they aren’t meeting the challenge of this moment, and what’s needed to change them.