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Why Flailing Trump Is Suddenly Turning to MAGA Lawyer Christina Bobb

The Republican National Committee’s new “election integrity” attorney is playing an essential role in MAGA world at this perilous moment for Trump.

A laptop computer shows Christian Bobb and the words "Weekly Briefing with Christina Bobb" on OANN.
Photo by Gabby Jones/Bloomberg/Getty Images
One America News Network’s “Weekly Briefing With Christina Bobb”

With Donald Trump’s fundraising badly trailing that of President Biden, the RNC’s new “election integrity” lawyer, Christina Bobb, is emerging as an important player in the Trump-MAGA campaign apparatus. Bobb, a major co-conspirator in Trump’s “Stop the Steal” efforts, will reassure the MAGA faithful, perhaps firing up the small-dollar donors that Trump desperately needs. We chatted with Andrew Egger of The Bulwark, who has a great new piece about Bobb’s role, about why she’s so pivotal for Trump and how she’s become the face of the new MAGA establishment.