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The Supreme Court Is Peddling a Big, Ugly Lie About Trump and MAGA

In ruling that Trump is not disqualified, and agreeing to hear his demand for immunity, the high court offers sham assurances that the rule of law is being upheld.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with President Trump
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with President Trump during Kavanaugh’s ceremonial swearing-in at the White House on October 8, 2018

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 9–0 that Donald Trump will not be disqualified from appearing on the ballot in Colorado, despite having engaged in insurrection. Coupled with the court’s willingness to hear Trump’s demand for full immunity from prosecution for insurrection-related crimes, all this raises serious questions about whether it is functionally placing Trump beyond accountability. We chatted with New Republic writer Matt Ford, author of a new piece eviscerating the court’s latest ruling, about the deeper falsehoods about Trump and the MAGA movement that the court is advancing.