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“America vs. Trump”: Rick Wilson on How Biden Can Win

The Lincoln Project co-founder talks with Michael Tomasky about the Supreme Court, inflation, democracy, and anti-Trump messaging.

Illustration by The New Republic

For this edition of The Inside Story, TNR editor Michael Tomasky spoke with Rick Wilson, the former Republican consultant and co-founder of the Lincoln Project, who has been one of Donald Trump’s most stinging critics since 2015. Wilson talks first about the recent Supreme Court announcement about the Trump immunity case, then he moves to the state of both campaigns.

Wilson says of Trump’s campaign, “Do. Not. Take. It. Lightly.” As for how the Biden campaign should frame the race, he says, “It’s Trump versus America”—make the race “a referendum on what Trump is promising to do.” Finally, he shares what the Lincoln Project is doing ahead of the election. What percentage of Republican votes does he think his group will be able to peel away? You may be surprised.