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Mark Halperin gets a D-.


At this point it’s almost pointless to note that Halperin is shallow and wrong, that he’s totally fixated on the horse race (so much so that he ignores substantive factors that actually affect it, making him even more wrong about the horse race), and that he’s wanted to carry Donald Trump’s bags for years. Halperin also feels less relevant in 2016 than in previous election cycles, which is perhaps the only good thing about this otherwise interminable and horrible presidential race. Maybe this is because the horse race is less important in an election that features a demagogue who could kill us all. Maybe it’s because he’s been exiled to Bloomberg and no one (I hope) watches his Showtime show. Or maybe it’s because people have finally woken up to the fact that he is wrong about everything. Anyways, here’s a classic Halperin tweet:

This is such an *Italian chef’s kiss* Halperin tweet. There’s false equivalence, incorrect accusations of media bias, and the overriding sense that any context—like, say, the fact that Mike Pence, who this tweet is about, repeatedly lied about his running mate’s plans to deport millions of people—is bad. All that matters is that Pence looked like a president man and talked like a president man.

Is this the worst thing Halperin has done this election cycle? No, that would probably be the time he said “Mexico is not a race” earlier this year. But it might be the most Halperin-y moment of this election cycle.