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Grierson & Leitch Episode 34: Sully, Body Heat, and Teen Witch

After two weeks discussing the lousy summer movie season and the much more pleasant Toronto Film Festival, our critics Will Leitch and Tim Grierson are back on the wide release beat this week, diving into Clint Eastwood’s Sully, starring Tom Hanks as the mustachioed hero of the “Miracle on the Hudson.” (Or, as Norm MacDonald called him, “Sully Sullenberger: Airport Pilot.”) Can you make a movie out of a 208-second flight? Listen in to find out.

Then, in our Reboot section, they hit two movies from the 1980s. First, they look at Lawrence Kasdan’s Body Heat, starring William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Mickey Rourke, and a fantastically young Ted Danson. Then they have a blast discussing 1989’s Teen Witch from every possible angle. Top that!

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