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What Makes a Winter Picture?

A hundred images from around the world challenge the beauty of the winter wonderland.

Andrejs Strokin/Courtesy Humble Arts Foundation

What draws the photographic eye to cars buried in snowdrifts, white-on-white horizons, or a frozen tundra? Jon Feinstein of Humble Arts Foundation and Andy Adams of FlakPhoto recently put out a call for “winter pictures” to an audience of established and emerging international photographers, challenging them to reconsider the aesthetic beauty of the the coldest months of the year. The result is a unique collection of winter scenes and the people who bear them. “Winter can brutal,” the curators explained, “it can be beautiful, it can be a mysterious mix.” 

Photograph by Julia Gillard
Photograph by Jahel Guerra Roa
Photograph by Heather Sten
Photograph by Mark Fitton
Photograph by Richard Aldred
Photograph by David Schalliol
Photograph by Paula McCartney
Photograph by Ellen Jantzen
Photograph by Suzanne Delaney
Photograph by Ole Brodersen
Photograph by Jola Sopek
Photograph by Penn Chan
Photograph by Lane Coder
Photograph by Adam Bellefeuil/All photographs Courtesy Humble Arts Foundation.