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"Think Out Loud," Hosted by the New Republic

A discussion about the "black digital intelligentsia" that is changing American thought


In the New Republic's fall issue, contributing editor and Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson explored how the emerging black intelligentsia is embracing social media and technology to shape American thought. On Thursday, October 15, the New Republic brought this conversation to life with a discussion with a bevy of black thinkers, including Dr. Dyson, Ebony senior editor Jamilah Lemieux, Duke professor Mark Anthony Neal, Director of the Schomburg Center Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Assistant Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper, and Lehigh professor James Braxton Peterson. New Republic Senior Editor and Intersection host Jamil Smith moderated.

Please view the archived livestream from our evening of thought-provoking discourse.  

Want to know more about the black digital intelligentsia, and what it means to be a public intellectual? Listen to Episode Five of the New Republic's podcast Intersection for a companion to the "Think Out Loud" discussion:

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