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Intersection Episode 6: Marco Rubio and the New Cuban Identity

Darren McCollester/Getty Images
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For better or worse, we're already knee-deep in campaign season for the 2016 presidential elections. This show marks our first in a series of episodes that will take a look at a presidential candidate—Republican or Democrat—through the lens of identity politics. How do race, gender, class, and other identities play into the candidate's campaign, and the image he or she wants voters to buy into?

This episode, we're focusing on Republican candidate and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. At this stage in the race, Rubio has a solid chance of winning over the GOP establishment. But to do that, he's taken some pretty aggressive stances on immigration and U.S.-Cuban relations that could drive a wedge between him and the influential Latino voting bloc. Pandering to one group could mean isolating the other.

We have three guests joining Jamil this week: Julio Ricardo Varela, the digital media director for NPR’s Latino USA, and founder of Latino Rebels; Andrea Pino, co-founder of End Rape on Campus; and Alfredo Estrada, editor of Latino Magazine. They talk through everything from Rubio's origin story, to his attitudes on abortion, to his chances compared to Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. Take a listen.

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Correction: This post originally stated that Marco Rubio was Florida governor. In fact, he is Florida's junior senator.