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Paid Leave This Week: Millennial Dads Discover That Work-Life Balance is Hard


As part of our ongoing coverage of paid leave, we’re rounding up the most important news from the week. Here’s what you need to know about paid leave, working parents, and child care in the United States and abroad.

Millennial dads are bad at work-life balance. Most millennial men think men and women should share caregiving responsibilities equally—in theory. But once they have children, they revert to more traditional gender roles. 

Every year 54,000 new mothers in Britain lose their jobs after returning from maternity leave. Women are more likely to face workplace discrimination after maternity leave than they were a decade ago, according to a new government report.

“You’re disgusting.” That’s what Donald Trump told a lawyer deposing him after she asked to take a break to pump breast milk.

A Chinese company wants to fine employees for getting pregnant without permission. The credit union made news after announcing that female workers would be required to request approval before pregnancy. No, that’s not legal.

New York’s paid-leave advocates think 2016 is their year.  A measure to allow twelve weeks of paid family leave is likely to pass the New York state senate next year.