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Majestic Images of Icebergs That Won't Survive Climate Change

Camille Seamen

Photographer Camille Seaman has devoted ten years to exploring the Arctic and Antarctic, capturing the dramatic wreckage of global warming on thousands of icebergs. Her new book, Melting Away, is a collection of 75 photographs, each of which reveals the surprising uniqueness of these natural monuments. Surreal and haunting, the photos evoke a sense of both reverence and mourning, amounting to a profound visual statement about climate change and its toll on the polar regions of Earth.  

Iceberg at Sunset, Western Greenland, August 2009
Breaching Iceberg, Greenland, August 2008
Grand Pinnacle Iceberg Detail, Eastern Greenland, August 2006
Stranded Iceberg; Cape Bird, Antarctica; December 2006
Walking on the Frozen Sea Ice; Cape Washington, Antarctica; December 2006
Adélie Penguin Egg Colony; Cape Bird, Antarctica; December 2006
Polar Bear on Glacier, Svalbard, June 2009
The Ross Sea, Antarctica, December 2006
Thinking of Turner; Antarctic Sound, Antactica; February 2010

All photographs by Camille Seaman.