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Moving Photographs of Some of the Victorian Era's Greatest Figures

The Metropolitan Museum has released a flood of art—including these beautiful Julia Margaret Cameron photographs

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Today, the Metropolitan Museum of Art released a flood of images for public consumption, including a collection of Julia Margaret Cameron photographs that aren't currently on view at the Museum. A pioneer in the field, Cameron not only crossed gender lines in her work, she also secured on film some of the Victorian era's most noted men and women of the arts, letters, and society. Intimate and inviting, her photographs remain some of our closest encounters with the intellectual legends of the nineteenth century.

Tennyson Reading, 1865

Robert Browning, 1865

George Frederick Watts, 1864

Thomas Carlyle, 1867

Minnie Thackeray, 1865

Sir John Herschel, 1867

Julia Jackson, 1867

All images via the Metropolitan Museum of Art.