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Watch: The Brutal Ageism of Tech

When experience becomes a drag on an engineer's resume

Jonathan Ezer

Noam Scheiber spent eight months speaking with "engineers, entrepreneurs, moneymen [and] uncomfortably inquisitive cosmetic surgeons" to research his investigation into Silicon Valley's ageism problem. He wrote: 

However much age and experience may grind down the rest of us, it is simply impossible to generalize to that tiny fraction of people so brilliant and driven as to be capable of creating the next Google. “You’re searching for patterns among outliers,” says one skeptical V.C. “The whole exercise on its face is logically absurd.” It is far more apt to think of these freakish specimen as though they fall out of the sky rather than emerge from any predictable feature of human behavior. By definition, they are different from us in almost every way. There’s no reason to believe they would age like us.

Now, Kindea Labs has animated this March 2014 cover story: