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Contributing Editor Sherwin Nuland Passes Away

New Republic Contributing Editor Sherwin B. Nuland passed away Monday morning. Nuland was a regular and beloved contributor to the magazine. Below, we've posted links to some of his most thought-provoking contributions to The New Republic. For a full list of his work, click here.    

What Should We Call Depression?, May 13, 2013: "Nowadays, of course, the care of all patients with mental illness is the province of the specialty of psychiatry. Of the many consequences of this development, there has been a strong tendency to lump truly serious disease into the same bundle as conditions of a far less consequential nature. "

Fitness and Outrage, January 27, 2011: "One evening a few months before my eightieth birthday, I found myself addressing an audience of approximately a hundred men and women on a topic to which I have devoted considerable study during the past decade or so. My subject was the process of aging, and the ways in which current gerontological research is teaching us to deal with it. ..."   

After the Deluge, April 11, 2005: "I am not sure just what it was that made me drop everything on December 31 and join six colleagues on a medical relief mission to Sri Lanka. At the moment I made the decision, it simply seemed like the right thing to do, and in retrospect it still does. But it turned out that the need for our small group was very different than we had anticipated: there was far less acute disease and injury than expected, but the human misery was of a sort that will require attention for years to come."

Doctors and Deities, October 13, 1997: "No sick man is an island unto himself. The illness of an individual is experienced and interpreted in terms that he has inherited, and shares with others who are not ill but are like him."