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Rand Paul Accidentally Exposes GOP As Party of Wealthy

Alex Wong/Getty Images News

Politico has a story about Rand Paul's attempts to appeal to younger voters, possibly as part of a 2016 presidential run. This has been one of Paul's themes for a while now, as evidenced by a quote he gave to Laura Ingraham, which is cited by Politico but not analyzed. Paul: 

Young people, they don’t really associate with Republicans on taxes and regulations. Not that they oppose us, they just don’t have any money so they don’t care much about those issues. But they’ve all got a cellphone, they’re all on the Internet, they’re all concerned about Internet freedom — and they’re concerned about privacy. And these are precisely issues where we can grow our youth vote.” [Italics Mine]

In short: if you don't make a lot of money or own a business subject to governmental regulations, the GOP doesn't have much to offer you! How odd. I had always thought it was the poor single mother without health insurance who Republican politicians were trying to help. I stand corrected.