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What to Read Over Thanksgiving Weekend

With the long Holiday weekend ahead of us, here is a collection of links. If you have some free time, or just need to get away from family, these articles are all worth reading.

--Mark Lynch, in Foreign Policy, has an important piece explaining why the Obama administration is not getting tough with Egypt's generals.

--Annie Lowrey, in The New York Timesexamines why it is so hard for the homeless to get healthcare coverage.

--Did Dorothy Parker steal a story idea from Vladimir Nabokov? Galya Diment has some evidence in New York magazine's piece, 'A Tale of Two Lolitas.'

--David Rohde has a John Kerry profile in The Atlantic that feels especially timely.

--Stephen Kinzer has a harrowing New York Review of Books essay about American cold war policy in Guatemala.

--David Rieff takes issue with the new film about Hannah Arendt in The Nation, and makes some broader points about genocide.

--In the Los Angeles Review of Books, Shehryar Fazli looks at the life of Malala Yousafzai through the lens of Pakistan's regional crises.

--Jamie Martin has a fascinating piece in the London Review of Books on the Anglo-American attempt to form a new international economic order after World War II.

--Amidst all the stories of sexual violence in India, Caravan magazine's Gayathri Sreedharan has a deeply reported article on the New Delhi police force's approach to gender issues.

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