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Guess How Much the Clintons Have Raised Since 1992

And here's how they spent it

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

In the cover story of the current New Republic, Alec MacGillis reports on the role of Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s “body man,” in the 42nd president's post-White House life. The story of an aide’s business dealings inevitably gets into a thorny subject for any politician: money. The Clintons, as it happens, have raised scads of it. Here’s a breakdown.1

$2.11 billion" data-serialized="{"id":"6f98782b-a830-47fc-a5ca-452c5f238e2f","hash":"63cae875cf6306fa6e3cc251c1930bf835344b42","width":625,"height":203,"format":"PNG","isAnimated":false,"baseUrl":"//","src":"//","meta":{}}">

Bill's Campaigns: $299,800,000

  • 1992 $120,400,000
    • Primary: $37,900,000
    • General: $82,500,000
  • 1996 $179,400,000
    • Primary: $42,500,000
    • General: $136,900,000

Hillary's Campaigns: $333,150,000

  • Senate Campaigns: $93,400,000
    • 2000: $41,800,000
    • 2006: $51,600,000
  • Presidential Campaigns: $239,750,000
    • 2008: $238,500,000
    • 20162: $1,250,000

Nonprofits: $1,478,300,000

  • The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation: $1,088,000,000 - A global philanthropy that the former president founded as “The William J. Clinton Foundation” in 2001. This number reflects revenue since 2003—but not the behemoth pledges that the Clintons have collected from world luminaries.
  • Clinton Global Initiative: $29,100,000 - The glitzy annual conference the Clinton Foundation has put on since 2005. This number reflects how much the nonprofit that funds the confab has raised since 2009.
  • Clinton Health Access Initiative: $361,200,000 This grew out of the Clinton Foundation’s 2002 HIV / AIDS program to become the foundation’s single largest initiative. The number above consists of its revenue from the four years for which there is data available.
  1. $2.111 billion is the rough equivalent of...

    • • 3.2 times the gross domestic box office haul of "Titanic"
    • • The annual GDP of the Maldives or the Central African Republic
    • • An anonymous investor's recent bid to buy the Empire State Building
    • • 48,814 more years at Stanford University for Chelsea
  2. Money raised so far by the Ready for Hillary super PAC. Clinton has not declared her candidacy.