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The New Republic announces content partnership with the New Statesman

The New Republic announced today that it has partnered with the British magazine the New Statesmen to publish a select number of its articles on The New Republic website and in tablet editions of the magazine—and vice versa.

Century-old magazines on opposite sides of the Atlantic, The New Republic and New Statesman share a similar political and cultural outlook and a mission to produce quality journalism in an era of immense technological change. This partnership will increase the global voice and viewership of both brands and deliver thought-provoking journalism about American and British politics and culture to a combined audience of over four million monthly readers.

In 2012, The New Republic was bought by Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, who rejuvenated the brand and relaunched the print magazine, an innovative website, and app; meanwhile, the New Statesman has grown both its print subscription figures and its website traffic (by 70 percent) in the last year.

“Our relationship with the New Statesmen is a perfect fit—its sensibility, readership, topical focus, and belief in the importance of both politics and culture all echo that of The New Republic,” said Frank Foer, editor of The New Republic.

Helen Lewis, deputy editor of New Statesman, said: "The New Statesman and New Republic were founded within a year of each another, and have a shared mission—to bring thought-provoking, intelligent political and cultural writing to the widest possible audience. Here's to a new Special Relationship!"

About The New Republic

Tailored for smart, curious, socially aware readers, The New Republic covers politics, culture and big ideas from an unbiased and thought-provoking perspective. Well-known for its century-old tradition of providing context and analysis beyond the daily headlines, The New Republic has been reimagined for the 21st century with fresh and compelling design across print, digital, and mobile devices.  If you like timely journalism that sparks important conversations, you'll love rediscovering The New Republic. Subscribe today.

About the New Statesman

Irreverent, beautifully written and witty, the New Statesman is the essential read for bright thinkers everywhere. It is Britain’s leading, best written and most authoritative weekly political, cultural and current affairs magazine. The magazine’s award-winning team of editors and contributors seek to engage readers with great writing, arresting photography, intelligent analysis, bold campaigns and trenchant argument. For a century, our mission has been to provide readers with a rigorous examination of political culture as well as to amuse and entertain. Our provocative and acclaimed reports, columns and essays explore the issues that lead our national conversation, from politics to economics, the arts or the environment. The magazine is celebrated for its progressive politics, boldness, independence and skepticism. Subscribe today.

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