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Here Are All The Phish References I Snuck Into My Article About Phish

In my article today about political journalists who are fans of the band Phish, I noted that a common practice for Phish fans is to drop bits of lyrics into their tweets, their writings, and their broadcasts, ideally with a deftness that allows other Phish fans to recognize the reference but keeps the prose readable for all the normal people out there. I also noted that I myself am a huge Phish fan. See where I’m going with this? Below, a guide to all the Phish-lyric Easter eggs I snuck into the piece. I’ve got the time, if you’ve got the inclination

I wrote: “Ideally, the lyrics are double entendres that reveal nothing to outsiders, like a thin veil of clouds that keeps stars out of sight.”
Source: “Lawnboy”
Throughout the night
When there’s no direct light
And a thin veil of clouds
Keeps the stars out of site

I wrote: “… observes National Review’s Robert Costa, who has been going to Phish shows for a decade and can easily recognize these subtle sounds.”
Source: “Scents and Subtle Sounds”
Scents and subtle sounds
Colors in the void

I wrote: “I will be attending my 27th Phish show Friday night. And yes, I can hear you when you sigh.”
Source: “Water in the Sky”
Thunder calls through waterfalls
Rising tides and ocean walls
I can hear you when you sigh

I wrote:
Don’t want to be a painter, cause everyone comes to look
Don’t want to be anything where my life’s an open book

I’m out and I will stay here alone and without
Someone controlled by the phone and TV
Cause what it’s doing to me is fine

I wrote: “And Costa recalls that when he and Sherman were eating crabs (or at least enjoying a show) at Merriweather Post, ‘We were talking about Trey’s pedals, not politics.’”
Source: “Walfredo”
We were eating crab at Merriweather Post

I wrote: “Washington’s political scene is incestuous and phony—enemies who will build you up just so they can knock you down, friends you can see right through—while Phishland is incestuous and fun.”
Sources: “Birds of a Feather”
Sometimes people build you up just so they can knock you down
Sometimes they will have you there cause they need someone around

Trapped in time, and I don’t know what to do
These friends of mine I can see right through

I wrote: “Is it surprising that a few bedraggled members of “This Town” would actively seek solace with fellow journalists who share the same open, dirty secret—that they would actively seek to share in the groove, if you will?”
Source: “Mike’s Song”/“Weekapaug Groove”

You don’t gotta tell me that I don’t gotta move
Cause I’m sitting back here sharin’ in the groove
Trying to make a woman match your move
And I’m sharin’ in a Weekapaug Groove

I wrote: Politicos and Phishheads both make for easy punchlines. But some jokes are better than others, and we all must laugh.
Source: “Bathtub Gin”
Here comes the joker, and we all must laugh
Cause we’re all in this together, and we love to take a bath!