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Eras of Yves Klein

The Era of Having Famous Painter Parents
The Era of Bypassing the Problematics of Art
The Era of Learning to Write with Left Hand
The Era of the Irish Journal
The Era of Doing Rosicrucian Exercises Every Night After Supper and Mailing Them
         to California The Next Day
The Era of Taming the Cunning Ego
The Era of Transfiguring the Physical Body Atom by Atom Into a Creature Able to
         Float At Ease Through Silken Space
The Era of Adopting a Satanic Laugh Mask
The Era of Many Voices Humming in One’s Innermost
The Era of Applying to the Kodokan Institute of Judo
The Era of Calcium Injections and Amphetamines
The Era of the Fourth Black Belt (Bluff Arranged by Aunt Rose)
The Era of Being Spoiled by Aunt Rose
The Era of the Insane Need to be Admired
The Era of Covering Up Rosicrucian Beliefs with the Vocabulary of Phenomenology
         So As Not To Be Ridiculed by Paris Intelligentsia
The Era of the Deciding That Line Is Jealous Of Colour Line Is A Tourist In Space
The Era of the Blue Obsession
The Era of Making a Myth of Oneself
The Era of Patenting International Klein Blue (henceforth IKB)
The Era of the End of Gravity and Beginning of Levitation
The Era of One-Minute Fire Paintings
The Era of Distinguishing Common Gold from the Gold of the Philosophers
The Era of Being Flattered by Camus
The Era of Drinking the Cocktails of the Void and Urinating Blue for a Week
The Era of Being Not Really Free in This World
The Era of Realizing Rosicrucianism Is A Waste of Time and Switching to Bachelard
The Era of Pricking Up One’s Ears at the Door of the Devouring Sky
The Era of Deciding What To Do About Fire Seize It Or Throw Oneself In
The Era of the Tragical Technique with Girls
The Era of the Huge Sponge Reliefs
The Era of No One Knowing the Dangers of Synthetic Resins or of Working Twelve
         Hours a Day Without a Mask
The Era of Travelling to Cascia and Leaving Four Gold Ingots for Saint Rita
The Era of Writing Letters to Eisenhower and Kruschev Announcing the End of the
         Government of France
The Era of Proposing Plans for a City Built of Compressed Air Currents
The Era of Asking Aunt Rose for a Citroën
The Era of Filling Pages of One’s Notebook with the Word “Humility”
The Era of Ego Clashes with One’s Friends
The Era of Realizing That One’s Myth Has to Be Carried All The Way (Sacrifice)
The Era of Having None of the Qualities Expected in a Painter of Monochromes Like
         Quietude or Balance
The Era of Feeling One’s Inner World Contract to a Single Texture
The Era of Removing All One’s Works from the Gallery and Informing Buyers That
         Henceforth the Paintings Are Immaterial (But May Be Purchased With a
         Material Cheque)
The Era of Standing on the Bank of the Seine Selling Tickets To The Other Side Of
         The Sky in Return for a Quantity of Gold Which is Thrown Straight Into the
The Era of Speaking of One’s “System” and “Prophetic Basis” to Fewer and Fewer
The Era of Meeting Bachelard Being Judged Crazy and Being Asked to Leave his
The Era of Giving a Lecture at the Sorbonne On The Evolution of Art Towards the
         Immaterial and Proposing to Reclimatize All of France
The Era of the Works Called Monogold
The Era of the Voyeur Who With a Wave of the Hand Directs Naked Girls to Smear
         Themselves with Blue Paint and Press Against Sheets of Paper While He
         Maintains a Clean Distance
The Era of Putting a Canvas Out in the Rain
The Era (cont’d) of Asking Aunt Rose for Money
The Era of Abandoning Judo
The Era of Losing Inner Balance
The Era of Being Considered Paranoid by One’s Friends
The Era of Return To That Old Dream of Flying
The Era of the Famous Photograph (Leaping Out A Second Story Window) That
         Shows A Montage Line Along the Ledge Beneath One’s Feet
The Era of No One Believing One’s Leap
The Era of Staging a Second Leap with Nets and Photographers and a Dozen
         Judokas To Catch One
The Era of Not Realizing How Poignant One Is With One’s Falsity and Longings
The Era of Dimanche The Newspaper of a Single Day A Fake Distributed To Paris
         Newsstands One Sunday Morning and Filled with Texts Written on Sleepless
         Nights to Avoid Being Torn Apart by Despair
The Era of Fire Walls and Fire Fountains and Painting with Fire
The Era of Needing More and More of a Crowd Around One Friends Girls Servants
The Era of (at last!) An Exhibition in New York (Castelli 1961) Coinciding With the
         First Manned Space Flight
The Era of Scathing Reviews in New York
The Era of Decking a New York Art Critic with Judo Blows
The Era of Shooting Sharks in San Francisco Bay With a Rifle
The Era of Giving Up Paint and Working with Sweat or Blood of the Models
         Menstrual Blood Being Most Powerful
The Era of A Young Klein Imitator in Japan Leaping Out a Window To His Death
The Era of Deciding Blood Imprints Are Diabolical and Burning Them
The Era of Marrying One’s Girlfriend
The Era of Allowing an Italian Director to Make a Film of One’s Life and Work
         Which the Director Turns into a Grotesque Comedy (Mondo Cane) and
         Exhibits at Cannes
The Era (cont’d) of Terrible Tantrums and White Face
The Era of Sudden Pain in the Heart
The Era of Paying All One’s Bills Answering All One’s Letters and Choosing A
         Name For One’s Unborn Son
The Era of Suddenly Changing Art Dealers
The Era of a Mysterious Knock on the Door at 3 AM
The Era of the Decision to Make Only Immaterial Works from Now On
The Era of the Heart Attack in Late Afternoon
The Era of One’s Friends’ Suspicion That One Had Arranged to Vanish Not
         Actually Died
The Era of Being Eulogized by People Who All Quote Mallarmé
The Era of Various Views On What One Would Have Done Had One Lived Longer