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Year-End Cleanup

I've neglected to furnish links in this space to several recent TRB columns for the New Republic and other pieces not found here. Before 2012 breathes its last, here they are:

TRB, 11/16/12: "Die, Filibuster, Die."
TRB, 12/7/12: "Soak The Almost-Rich."
TRB, 12/ 21/12: "Why Is Ben Bernanke The Only Person In Washington Who Cares About Unemployment?"

11/16/12: "An Obama Unilateralist Manifesto" (TNR)
12/18/12: "Government Can Reduce Inequality, But Chooses Not To" (Reuters).

Also, on 11/3/12 I appeared with Jamie Galbraith, Mark Santow, and Will Wilkinson at a Boston College  income-inequality forum hosted by Mass Humanities. Click here for the video.