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Fighting Depression, a Strange New Science, and the Beauty of Brutalism: Today’s TNR Reader

Editor’s Note: Well be running the article recommendations of our friends at TNR Reader each afternoon on The Plank, just in time to print out or save for your commute home. Enjoy!

Kyle McDonald installed spy software in Apple store computers to photograph unwitting faces. Then the secret service tracked him down. Was his stunt a crime or an art form?

Wired | 35 min (8,651 words)

The beauty of Brutalism: the passing of architect Gerhard Kallmann, who designed Boston City Hall, should make us appreciate the lovely rawness of our civic buildings. 

n+1 | 6 min (1,406 words)

All roads lead to ... what, exactly? The strange new neuroscience of immortality is here. 

Chronicle of Higher Education | 21 min (5,172 words) 

Depression can paralyze people who have everything. So why aren’t we paying attention to the mental health of those who have nothing?

New York Times | 8 min (1,974 words)