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May 22, 1961

TRB from Washington

The Week

“Commitment in Saigon”

“Lifting the Minimum Wage”

“Approaches to Civil Rights”

“The Teacher Shortage”

“New Threat to Consumers”

“A Home for American Art”


“The Future of NATO” by Morton H. Halperin

The Queen and I” by Malcolm Muggeridge

“What We Are Fighting” by Louis J. Halle

“The Superficial Aspect” by Gerald W. Johnson

Books and Arts

BOOKS “Better Days or Mass Suicide?” by Daniel M. Friedenberg

BOOKS “An Enormous, Obscene Delusion” by Jeremy Larner

TELEVISION “The Country's Whipping Boy” by John Cogley

MOVIES “Fine Italian Hands” by Stanley Kauffmann


“The Mind of JFK”; “Dilemma in Texas”; “Chestertone’s Feeding Habits”