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T.S. Eliot’s Christian Faith and Mel Gibson’s Madness: Today’s TNR Reader

Editor’s Note: Well be running the article recommendations of our friends at TNR Reader each afternoon on The Plank, just in time to print out or save for your commute home. Enjoy!

The value of art: Claude Lanzmann may be pompous and insufferable. But he also made Shoah, so nothing else really matters. 

The Nation | 31 min (7,717 words)

All the President’s drones: Looking at Obama’s favorite military tactic through the prism of Just War Theory. 

Boston Review | 19 min (4,853 words)

Joe Eszterhas went to work for Mel Gibson, hoping to making a movie. What he found should not have surprised: the superstar was a raving madman.

Tablet | 5 min (1,282 words)

The strange contortions of T.S. Eliot’s formidable Christian faith.

New Statesman | 7 min (1,668 words)