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The Semifinals

I miss Paul the Octopus. Who can I now challenge to a predict-off?

I was right on all quarterfinal predictions, but unfortunately, that wasn’t much of an accomplishment. Paul the Octopus and Paul McCartney would have easily predicted the same winners. The level of teams was too disparate. England could have won the shootout, but, luckily, the Ashleys had other plans, and we were spared watching an England Germany semi where Merkel shakes her booty at least half a dozen times.

By the way, did anyone else think that she shouldn’t have celebrated so gleefully when the Greeks got scored upon? I mean, one should have some compassion toward the help, or the soon-to-be help.

And my wish that Nasri gets bitch-slapped came true in a way.

Onward. I predicted that Spain will beat Germany in the finals, and although the games have given me doubt, I will stick by my first prediction. Spain isn’t as good as I thought they would be and Germany is a lot better, as is Portugal. Still, I believe in Xavi et al.

Portugal might give Spain a run. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ronaldo takes over. Arbeloa vs. Ronaldo isn’t fair at all, but then it’s a team game. I have faith.

Italy won’t give Germany much of a game, I’m afraid.

Let the games begin. Here’s hoping they’re great.