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The Gang is Back

And we’re off. The gang is back to spill our wisdom and halitosis upon unsuspecting readers. Why, you may ask, why are we back? It’s been only two years, after all: Have things changed much since our last tournament?

Let’s see. Spain is still the best team, in my opinion, but some teams are catching up. Mesut Ozil has matured quite a bit in these two years. Ronaldo’s hair is even more remarkable. Xavi may or may not have lost a step—and his hair is less remarkable. Fernando Torres is still redefining the word enigma. Robin van Persie is peaking. England … sorry, I had another giggling fit; how do you say telenovela in Polish? 

Two years ago I predicted that Algeria will win the tournament and, in some measure, I was prescient. I suggested that if Algeria won, we’d have a revolution in Egypt. Yes, I’m taking credit.

This year? Spain will beat Germany in the final.