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One Man, Two Guv'nors

This week I will inhabit both this space and some space over at my old haunt, Slate, as I participate in a dialog with Matt Yglesias about The Great Divergence. That isn't quite the recipe for farcical mayhem that you might think, because (shhh!) Matt and I actually conducted the dialog a couple of weeks ago. A minor violation of Slate's usual protocol was committed because as the book hits the stores (theoretically tomorrow, though I've already seen it on shelves here and there) Matt is on his honeymoon. Happy honeymoon, Matt! And if you're reading this, get the hell off your computer before your bride catches you!

Even though the Slate dialog was prepared in advance, my presence here this week may be subject to slip-ups and pratfalls (especially tomorrow) as I fulfill assorted book-related duties. Meanwhile, if Slate's Dave Weigel wants to submit any guest posts for this space he should feel free. It's only fair.