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And The Award Goes To...

TNR reviews of some of this year’s top Oscar nominees.

2011 wasn't the most interesting year for film, but it did have its moments: The silent film reasserted itself while Scorsese went 3D, Terrence Malick recreated the genesis of the universe and Maya Rudolph got diarrhea in a wedding dress. But how will these ambitious projects fare at the 84th Academy Awards show this Sunday night? To help you with your Oscar pool—or to figure out what to go see—we've compiled TNR's reviews of some of the best, worst, and most talked about films in contention this year.

Why The Artist Just Might Win the Oscars,” by David Thomson

The Descendants: A Mainstream Movie for People Tired of Noise and Violence,” by David Thomson

The Help Isn’t Racist. Its Critics Are,” by John McWhorter

How Martin Scorsese Pulls Off Hugo’s Nostalgia,” by Jed Perl

Midnight in Paris Isn’t Good. It’s Dismal,” by David Thomson

Why Moneyball Is Still a Poor Ball Club’s Best Friend,” by Jonathan Lehman

The Tree of Life: The Whole Thing,” by David Thomson

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Tinker, Tailor, Boredom, Why?” by David Thomson

Why Lisbeth Salander Beats Margaret Thatcher,” by David Thomson

My Week with Marilyn: The Most Tender Tribute Marilyn Monroe Has Ever Received,” by David Thomson

Bridesmaids: The Movie That Made the Right to Barf On Screen a Feminist Act,” by Ruth Franklin

A Separation: How Iran Produced the Best Film of 2011—and What Americans Can Learn From It,” by David Thomson

Pina: The Ambiguous Future of 3D Movies,” by David Thomson

The Oscars’ Disgraceful Nominees for Best Song,” by David Hajdu

Hell and Back Again: On Violence,” by Stanley Kauffmann