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Finished My Reddit AMA

This window is now closed. You can read the Compleat Reddit Dialogue now without fretting you'll miss anything. You can read the TNR pre-publication book excerpt that the Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") was at least ostensibly about here. You can read a second pre-publication excerpt that ran in the Atlantic Online here.

You can pre-order the book itself here.

You can read the Slate series on which my forthcoming book expands in all sorts of invaluable ways here. You can read my review of Charles Murray's cockamamie new book here.

You can read my annotations to the long-forgotten topical references in Cole Porter's "You're The Top" (which I actually allude to in the AMA after discussing my rock-star nephew's income) here. Followup on "Drumstick Lipstick" (which stumped me on the first go-round) here. Second follow-up about the smutty parody version attributed, implausibly, to Irving Berlin, here.